Our Email Privacy Policy

We hate junk mail! “Spam” mail is the bane of the Internet. If you aren’t bothered by it, you probably will be soon. We refuse to add to this illegitimate use of the Internet: we not only will not provide your email address to any advertiser, we actually work rather hard to keep it secret. You don’t have to request that your email address be “concealed” — we “conceal” all subscriber addresses.

We further protect privacy and email security in general by requiring that new subscribers “confirm” their subscription. This helps to prevent people from harassing others by subscribing them to something they may not want. When you send in a subscription request you will receive a machine-generated message asking you to confirm your subscription. You must click on the link in this message before your subscription will be activated. Of course, you may always cancel (or “unsubscribe”) at any time using a link that is present at the bottom of every HeroicStories mailing.

Randy Cassingham (HeroicStories’ founder) has been very proactive in educating Internet users about what spam is, why it’s bad, and what can be done about it. We encourage you to learn more — the more you know about spam and email scams, the less likely you will be victimized by them. Please visit the spam primer for more information.