A Message From Your Neighbor

by Anonymous

I cannot walk very far without tiring out or just plain collapsing, because I have multiple sclerosis along with post polio syndrome. I drive an old junker car, and one day I just had to go to the supermarket; they had a sale on I couldn’t pass up. I took my car, and when I came out of the supermarket, the car would not start. I was in a tizzy.

I went inside to use the telephone to get AAA to come out and start my car, but there was a young lady there who said she would come around and jump my car battery. She got a gentleman from the back of the store she called “Grandpa”. They brought her car around and got my car started.

I was on my way… or so I thought. I was repeating the entire time, “Just let me get home,” because obviously the battery was giving out again.

I had just turned onto my street, 11 blocks from my home, when the car died again. I got out, put the hood up, and hoped someone would stop. No one stopped. Guys going to work came by and waved, but they didn’t stop.

One of my neighbors came by and said she couldn’t stop because she was late for something or other, and that I should walk back home to get my husband. I can’t walk that far.

A Message from your NeighborThen a pickup truck came along, driven by a lady I had never seen before. She asked me if anyone was helping me. I was near tears and told her no, no one would stop. She asked what she could do for me.

I asked if she would go to the end of the street. If there was a blue truck in the parking lot, then please knock on the first door and tell my husband my car was broken down a few blocks away.

She did just what I asked, then went on her way. She asked for nothing; she just wanted to help. My husband was home, and luckily his brother was visiting. They came down, hooked a chain to my car and pulled me home. The alternator was out, which is why the battery had died so quickly.

Later I timed the drive to my house, up to my door, and back to where I was stranded. Without speeding, it took two minutes. My neighbor was convinced that she could not have taken two minutes out of her schedule to help me. Yet a lady who didn’t even know me helped get me back home.

It is truly a terrible feeling to be stranded with people driving past you, and be unable to walk anywhere because of a disability. However, the lady who did help me out “recharged” my faith in people who are strangers.

Originally published as HeroicStories #334 on Aug 26, 2002

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