Countdown to HeroicStories – A Status Update

July 10, 2014

Thank you for subscribing to HeroicStories! While we’re getting things ready I thought I’d share a little progress report.


Many of you did not receive the “welcome to HeroicStories” message that now goes out when you confirm your subscription. That was all part of “growing pains” as I set up the new list, website and more.

To cover the main topics in that message:

  • The plan is that we’ll regularly post stories beginning in August 4th, 2014.
  • Like this message, you’ll hear from me occasionally between now and then.
  • I’m focusing on getting the website up and running, the and the publication “machine” in place.
  • If you haven’t already read it, I invite you to read A Message From the (New) Publisher.
  • You can also remind yourself of what HeroicStories has been all about by reading the sample stores on the web site.
  • HeroicStories is on Facebook! If you are too, be sure to “like” HeroicStories on Facebook.

A question for you

As I talk about in my message on the web site, HeroicStories will, for a while, be publishing stories from its 15 year archive of over 800 stories.

That’s a lot of stories!

In particular, that’s a lot of stories to sift through to figure out which ones I want to publish now. A couple were easy – we’ll be starting with the very first HeroicStories story from back in 1999, for example, and I’ll be running the story that I wrote as well, including a bit of an update.

But then things get interesting … there’s just so much to choose from!

If you’re a long time HeroicStories subscriber, you can help.

Do you have a favorite story? One that you’d want our new folks to see right away? Perhaps a story that you regularly tell people about? Maybe it’s just one that you recall speaking to you in some way.

Let me know.

Reply to this message (or use the web site’s spiffy new contact form) with the story number or title, if you remember it, or even just a good description of what the story was about. I’ll do my best to dig it up and evaluate it for being one of the first stories we publish as we relaunch.

And remember, not only do stories go out in email to the list, but they’ll be published on the web site for you to share and for all to see.

More to come

I’m probably forgetting something in the chaos here, but this’ll do for now. You’ll hear from me at least once if not a couple more times before the August the 4th re-launch.

Again, my thanks to you for being here, and for supporting HeroicStories.

Leo Notenboom

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