Getting the Word Out

It’s been a busy summer! So much going on it’s been a challenge to stay on top of everything. But it’s a good problem to have. I keep getting words of encouragement for HeroicStories, and as I keep saying, it feels like it’s needed more than ever. I’ve tweaked HeroicStories’ social media to make it a … Read more

We Can Each Make A Difference

HeroicStories Podcast

We’re being flooded with negativity. Every day, it seems, there’s something newly horrific, upsetting, depressing, embarrassing, or just wrong that comes across our news feeds or in our personal communications. I think that’s having a deeper impact on our collective well being that most people realize. I’ve said for a long time that most news … Read more

Can We Have Some Spring? Please?

HeroicStories Podcast

Rain. That’s what I see out of my office window almost every day, it seems. This has been a record-setting Winter and now Spring in and around Seattle. Seattle! When the natives (of which I am one) start complaining about the rain, you know there’s been a bunch. I hope the weather is more agreeable wherever … Read more

Spring Is Here

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Holiday Time is Approaching

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are almost upon us. Hopefully in this hectic time of year you’ll be able to take a little time to appreciate the good people all around you. HeroicStories continues its mission to remind us all that, indeed, people are good and that individual actions matter – often much … Read more