My Most Common Question: How Can I Help HeroicStories?

July 28, 2014

Assuming this post goes out (yes, I’m testing something else as we near lift-off) you should get your first issue of HeroicStories around this time next week, plus or minus a day.

As we get closer I want to take a moment and address a couple of relatively common questions I’ve received over the last few weeks.

How can I help?

By far the top issue many people bring is asking how they can help HeroicStories. I do have a FAQ entry on that, but I want to elaborate a little.

The answer is very simple: after subscribing by far the very best thing you can do to help HeroicStories is to share it on social media.

We’re publishing every story we send out in email to the web site as well for all to see. Each story on the web has beneath it several buttons for you to share on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, via email and more. If the story includes an image you’ll also see a Pinterest Pin It button below the image. Use those to share that story with your friends and family when a story speaks to you.

If you’re on Facebook, “Like” the HeroicStories Facebook page, and then share the posts you see there. If all goes according to plan you’ll see each story appear there shortly after it’s published.

If you’re on Twitter, so is HeroicStories! Follow the HeroicStories Twitter feed, and retweet the stories you like.

You can even forward the newsletter you get via email, though if you find yourself forwarding to the same person repeatedly they should probably get their own subscription.

Bottom line: spread the word! It’s the best way to help – not just HeroicStories, but the world.

But what about money?

A couple of people have asked about fundraising and donations.

That’s not in the plan. I’m working with the assumption that I’ll never ask for money.

With luck advertising revenue will make HeroicStories self-sufficient. Until then it’s the “day job” – Ask Leo! – that’s footing the bill. Heck, leveraging the servers and other infrastructure I already have in place for Ask Leo! is one of the ways I’m keeping my expenses low. If you’re desperate to throw me money, go buy one of my Ask Leo! books, that way you get something tangible out of the deal. But I don’t expect you to, and am not asking you to to do so for HeroicStories.

Comments and Feedback

One thing that’s most definitely different in this incarnation of HeroicStories is how we’ll handle comments on stories.

In the past there was an email address to which you could email your comments, after which some would be selected to be published in subsequent HeroicStories emails.

This time’s a little different.

Since we’re publishing the stories on the web I’ve enabled moderated comments on each. I encourage you to share your thoughts directly with other visitors by posting them there. I expect to select a few to highlight in my occasional personal commentary emails, but the real discussion will be with each published story on That, too, is a great way to show your support for HeroicStories.

If you have feedback of a more general nature, just reply to an email or use the website contact form.


Thank you for being here, and thank you for subscribing to HeroicStories.

I’m really, really happy to be able to bring it back to life, and I’m thrilled that you’re here with me. Yes, there’ll be the occasional hiccup as we get the kinks worked out of the new site and mailings, but hopefully they’ll be minor and not get in the way.

Leo Notenboom
Publisher, HeroicStories

2 thoughts on “My Most Common Question: How Can I Help HeroicStories?”

  1. Welcome! We’re looking forward to this, and excited about the changes. It’s looking great!

    Oh, btw: I’ve been “featured” in a past article. I was referred to as “Father of the Bride” after writing in about how one story on Heroic Stories helped me have exactly the right thing to say to my ex-wife as our only daughter neared her wedding day to a man we both felt was wrong for her. Now probably isn’t a good time, but there is an update available.


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