Over half way through January?

Time continues to fly…

It’s hard to believe that we’re already through Christmas and the New Year, with the end of January already in sight!

Given the current political climate – both here in the U.S. and world wide – it seems like HeroicStories continues to be needed more than ever to remind us that, no, most people aren’t like that. Where “that” is whatever has you shaking your head as you come across it on social media, in the newspaper or elsewhere.

That’s the whole point of HeroicStories – to remind us that people are generally good.

Remember the old “silent majority”? I believe they still exist. The folks making noise and making news, they’re the outliers. Heck, they’re in the news specifically because they make noise.

The rest of us? The majority of us? Just generally being good to one another – one person, and one day at a time.

Here are some highlights from HeroicStories over the last month.

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One Day, One Person

A classmate extends a helping hand and changes a life.

Cheryl says: What a great experience – thanks for sharing.

Pete Laberge adds: I was bullied horribly as a kid. I wish I’d had someone like this!

Kindness within Traffic Peril

Broken down on a busy highway, a hero jumps out of his car and helps.

Faith says: Oh man, I know that feeling! My car died the same way in the middle of rush hour in the middle of a blizzard. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life. Hooray for your good samaritan getting you out of that situation! My rescuer was a police car who used his cruiser to push my car over to the side. He sat with me for a while as we waited for a tow truck to work its way through the bumper-to-bumper backup to pick me up, but the emergency calls were piling up as fast as the snow. The policeman eventually asked if I would be willing to release him to handle other calls. I told him I was off the road, out of the line of traffic, and there was nothing else he could do for me other than keep me company while waiting, so please go help other people.

Neil Murray comments: It’s so encouraging to read of stuff like that.And boy do we need encouragement !

Bill R. adds: Thank you to Geri Winters and to HeroicStories for sharing this fine story. More helping like this (and less empty honking) will go a long way toward making the world a better place.

Strangers with Amazing Hearts

A baby girl receives a gift before she is born.

Bratfink says: I remember this from when it was published in 2003. I cried then and I cried again today! Most people DO have kind hearts, if you give them a chance. I hope Karen and Soleil are doing wonderful!

An Invaluable Gift

A personal touch from an author changes an addict’s life.

Jocelyn says: All it takes is one person to take that ‘first step to reach out’ to help. You never know when your words will click with a person in pain.

Steve, in Kentucky adds: The strongest medicine a recovering addict can get, is to help someone else see, accept and get clean. Sometimes that was all I had to go on, and it worked. It is the toughest challenge most of will ever face. We needed to get help in order to begin our recovery, and we need to give help keep our recovery.

Barbara comments: I sincerely hope that anyone in similar circumstances reads this and finds the hope and encouragement needed to turn their life around.

Get Busy!

Sister Monda makes a lasting impression on a young man with her enthusiastic attitude.

John P. says: I can relate to Bryan’s story, as we moved around a lot while I was growing up. My step-dad raised and raced greyhound dogs and when I was in the second grade, I attended 3 different grade schools in 3 different states. Needless to say, I always had problems making friends, as we never stayed in one place for very long. I could have used a Sister Monda in my life, as Bryan did in his. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I finally learned how to make friends when I joined the Navy and have made some very good and close friends in the years that followed.

Dave Freitas adds: It is hard to make friends when you are always the “new kid”. Bryan had Sister Monda, you had the US Navy but I’m glad you both learned how to make friends.

The New Year’s Gift

Breaking down on a cold New Year’s eve turns into a heartwarming story.

threeoutside says: I had almost the identical experience in the late ’70’s on a broiling-hot July day driving from Missouri to Iowa to see my boy friend. A tiny, tiny town, a really run-down-looking gas station that looked more like a hoarder’s shed, and three gentlemen judging by whose appearances, if I had passed them in the street, I wouldn’t have wanted it to be a dark alley. They were my angels! My thermostat had died and I was really lucky I was so close to the exit. I had zero money. They didn’t even ask for any, they just replaced the part, topped up my car’s fluids, and waved me on my way. I try to pass it on whenever I can.

Annette Naish comments: There are so many good people doing kind things for strangers. Too bad we hear of kindness so seldom, it seems like a rare event. Thank you for this story and I hope we can each consider passing on a kindness to a stranger in need. At the very least, smile and say hello, there are times that means a great deal.

David adds: This sort of thing happens every day, all over the world. And yet, every time I see or hear a story like this I say “Wow!”, as if it were rare and extraordinary. I’m proud of these people in Birmingham, New York.

A Christmas Gift

A kind handout to a stranded stranger makes a lasting impression on a young woman.

Jane says: This touched a chord. I know there still those out there who follow this gentle example and quietly go on there way. We should all try to emulate this kindness, so needed now.

phyllis bala adds: Heart-warming when someone shares a simple yet profound story about their mom. It’s the “simple” teachings in life given by a mother who cares, that can make the world go round again, bringing sustenance when life gets bleak. Thank you for this little treasure.


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