• A teacher finds a way to help an impoverished divorced family with some extra food.

      The Incompetent Boxboy
    • Integrity after an injury inspires a lawyer to make the right choice in a settlement.

      I’ll Take Half
    • A friendly word in your own language can sometimes make all the difference.

      Someone From Home
    • A young girl’s testimony shows the true meaning of courage.

    • A son’s courageous words brings peace to his dying mother.

      The Courage to Tell the Truth
    • Memories from childhood inspire a lifetime of of reaching out to those in need.

      Angel in the Playground
    • A young man helps a friend and ends up with his own college education.

      Dreams Sometimes Come True
    • A young woman trusts a gentleman at the airport and is able to visit her dying mother.

      The Gentleman at the Airport
    • A group of caring travelers turn an act of rudeness into a heartwarming experience.

    • … in which a physician’s assistant goes above and beyond the call of duty.

      Julie’s Dogs
    • A church youth leader instills an important lessons through his caring actions.

      The Learning Tree
    • A woman meets hero after hero on a long drive from Florida to Texas… where everything goes wrong.

      Heroes were Everywhere
    • A woman shows her true heart as racial fear grips her city.

      Another Wet Puppy
    • A music teacher turns love of music into an important life lesson.

      Music Man
    • Sometimes a truly frightening appearance can hold a beautiful heart.

      The Old Fisherman
    • Unexpected kindness furnishes an apartment and inspires a life dedicated to passing it forward.

      The Housewarming
    • A childhood story turns out to be a true act of heroism.

      Out on Frost Road
    • Choking happens so suddenly that only a truly prepared person can come to the rescue.

      I Could Have Died
    • Truly noticing a need is the best charity.

      Charity Begins at K-Mart
    • A young girl witnesses the power of love in facing a disability.

      Honouring Patience and Courage

HeroicStories’ mission is to use the power of the Internet and existing media to bring diverse, international voices to the world to explore the idea that people are good, that individuals and individual action matter, and that regularly showing examples of people being good to each other will inspire similar actions in others.

Begun in 1999, HeroicStories brings diverse, international voices to the world – reminding us that people are good, that individuals and individual action matter. We’ve published over 800 stories like the following:

  • Klansmen burn a cross in the yard of a Mississippi civil rights worker. She scares them off… then brings her children out to toast marshmallows over the burning cross.
  • A construction worker laments his painful winter-cracked hands until he sees a man delivering newspaper bundles… a man with no hands.
  • A retiree spends his time assisting grade-schoolers. Not until his memorial service did his family learn of the magnitude of the difference he made in the lives of others.
  • A grandmother remembers her childhood Christmas Eve in a home with no heat. On Christmas morning she found a tree, gifts for all the kids… even heat.
  • A driver’s headlights quit on the highway at night. Another driver slows, turns on his brights, lights her way for over an hour to her exit… then turns around to drive back to his original destination

Our mission is to publish examples of people being good to each other, to inspire similar heroic actions in others.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead (1901-1978), American Anthropologist