Fall comments and meet up…

September already? Where has summer gone?

I hope it’s been a great one for you.

All of a sudden this fall sees me travelling a bit. Last week it was Montana (amateur radio support for BikeMS), next week Montreal for a conference, and at the end of the month another trip as well. They say time is what keeps everything from happening all at once, but I’m not so sure. ūüôā

If you’re in or around Montreal¬†on¬†Monday (September 5, 2016), we’re having a gathering near Notre Dame for readers of HeroicStories and¬†Ask Leo!,¬†as well as Randy Cassingham’s This is True readers.

We don’t have the exact time on Monday or the exact location, but if you’re nearby and can come, drop me a line with the subject Montreal (just reply to this newsletter and change the subject line) and I’ll let you know the details when they firm up.

That other¬†trip at the end of the month involves¬†a¬†somewhat¬†more exotic location, but I have no idea if I’ll be able to pull off a reader gathering there. If you’re curious, keep an eye on Ask Leo! (newsletter or Facebook page) to stay on top of that one.

On to the last month’s worth of HeroicStories stories…


Chasing the Dream

Courage and determination cross the finish line.

Vickie says: The most impressive thing about the race is Susan Edwards. It takes a wonderful person to set out on a race wanting to be last.

Uncle Jasper

A Vocational Agriculture program run by an honest, hardworking and loving man changes young lives.

Jill Carel says: It is so heartwarming and inspirational to hear how one individual can make such a great difference. I am sure that each person helped by Uncle Jasper made a positive difference to many more individuals in their lives. Thank you for such great sharing!

The Class Jock

And then the class jock passed the ball…

Sherry Dykes says:¬†What a warm, wonderful story and what a wonderful memory for him. Makes you wonder if Kelly remembers also or if he was such a nice person that it’s was simply one of many good things he did for others.

Kelly Serge responds: ¬†Hi, It[‘s] Kelly. I contacted Sylvia and let her know that I remembered doing that. I thanked her for her story as it was heart warming. I didn’t realize that a small gesture would have such an impact on her. We kept in contact for many years after she wrote this story. She lives in Belize and the internet connection there is quite expensive. We have since lost contact with each other. Over the years God has blessed me with many special people, Sylvia was one of them.


Praise for a step-brother who steps up and helps a beloved mother in more ways than one.

Mary Flores says: I am Mary Flores, the author of this story. Cheo died on August 5, 2011. He died horrifically of an illness that was treatable but due to cultural issues he did not disclose what was happening to anyone. Thank you for republishing this story. Cheo and my mother-in-law were two of the most incredible people I have ever met. They were both completely selfless and I continue to emulate them both in my life.

Leo replies:¬†I’m so very sorry to hear that Cheo is gone, but I thank you for sharing your story, and for the update.

Peg H¬†adds:¬†This was written by my “little” sister (she’s 3 years younger than me!) who continues to make me so proud. Since finishing her work with the Peace Corps, she has held many service oriented positions in the States but is now a dedicated and senior Child Protective Services case worker where she works to keep children safe and secure. It is my goal to be as compassionate and giving as she.

Leo replies: It sounds like you have a wonderful family that many could emulate.

Mountain Rescue

A fill-up of gas on a lonely mountain road creates a lifelong memory for an entire family.

AMY MARIE Dammann says: Beautifully done Robert; through the gift of the Spirit. Your father is an amazing man of God and I love every glory story I am ever privileged to hear. I have learned much from your father and your awesome family and one steadfast application I glean is the power of pause and pray over everything. Amy


As always I love hearing from the individuals involved in our stories, and I know our readers do to.

Take care,

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