Represent the Positive

We all impact the world around us in various ways, and often in ways we might not even realize.

My goal, and I hope yours, is to do so in some kind of positive way. Personally that means things ranging from helping people use technology, to hosting picnics with a hundred Corgis, and of course publishing stories that show people are good, and that our actions can make a positive difference in the world.

One of the stories received a comment that brought this home in a very real way.

A bit over a week ago I attempted suicide. I spent a week in the hospital. While there we only got sporadic bits of news and it seemed everything was going to hell in a handbasket. Dallas, Paris, Turkey. When I was released and checked my email there were about five Heroic Stories waiting.

As I’ve said before, it’s too easy to get wrapped up in the so-called “news” of the day and walk away thinking that, indeed, everything’s going to hell in a handbasket, as our anonymous commenter put it.

As a friend of mine put it just recently, “One thing I know for sure is that it’s really hard to find positive things to share on Facebook. It takes a lot of work to plow through news and science and find all the wonderful things that are taking place and keep them at the forefront of my mind. I can use all the help I can get.”

And that’s part of the issue, isn’t it? There are wonderful things taking place each and every day. We just need to seek them out, keep them in mind, and perhaps share them with others who’re having a hard time finding or seeing them as well.

Hopefully – for our commenter as well as anyone who might need it – HeroicStories is one small thing that helps balance the scales just a little bit.

You can too. Look for it. Share it. Represent the positive all around us.

You never know whose life you’ll change.

On to the last few weeks of stories….


A New Start

A young man is helped out of a difficult situation and learns that sometimes race really doesn’t matter.

Bratfink says: I too, once broke down in Utah near a prison. The people there are awesome! I’m so glad things worked out well for you, too.

A Lifelong Lesson

Parents teach their entire family, through example, how to constantly learn new skills.

Annette N comments: What a wonderfully inspiring story – thank you.

The Courage to Stop

They saw something strange by the side of the road and had the courage to stop.

Annette Naish says: You must be so proud of both young men – thank you for sharing

Cheryl adds: What an incredible story. Thanks for sharing

That Won’t Work in Tacoma!

The town comes out in support of a local synagogue.

Tacie says: I love Heroic Stories! We could all learn a lesson from the residents of Tacoma. We should come together as a nation, not under times of trial, but at time of peace too.

Connie Delaney adds: Democracy works when the majority stands up in support of minorities. Thanks.

ted sylvetsky comments: I found this story very interesting and I salute the people of Tacoma. I live in Israel. 2 weeks ago there was a terror attack down the road from us. An Arab doctor was first at the scene and helped the victims of the attack. that is the way it should be. 2 weeks before, there was another terrorist attack in the same area. the red crescent ambulance that arrive first at the scene refused to give help to the victims and left the scene.

Three Way Conversation

A family relationship is created when a wealthy man helps a small girl with Leukemia.

Arthur Yaffe says: I’m glad that JoJo had the resources to make this (effectively limitless) offer. It does make a little guy feel good that someone without sufficient resources to save his child’s life can get that kind of help from someone with a big heart. It is also important that we all realize that not every case comes out this way, nor would that be possible. Thousands of children die because of war, hunger, disease, etc, and there is no way that the JoJo Vassallos of this world can save them all. Too, not all the people with the means to help in this way have the heart to do it. So, thank you, JoJo. You deserve a special star on the sidewalk outside the gates of heaven.

One Last Lesson

Mentors can also teach how to not to handle situations.

Terry says: I cried so hard when I read this. What a wonderful man he must have been.

Carol adds: Thank you so much for this poignant-yet-sweet story. I’m sure Frank heard it from Heaven and heaved a great sigh of relief that he is remembered for the great legacy he left from all those years of selflessness, rather than a few years of grief and pain. Thanks to Jim for learning from both sides of Frank’s life, and for sharing this wonderful man with the rest of us! May we all strive to leave such a legacy!

Chris S comments: ‘…Mentors may teach by showing us how NOT to do something’ What a profound observation. What a lesson I myself can take from this when I might otherwise feel let down by someone I had respected.


As we face the coming months of “news”, keep in mind this snippet from HeroicStories’ mission:

… people are good, … individuals and individual action matter …

Until next time,

Leo A. Notenboom
Co-Conspirator to Make the World a Better Place