A Long, Heroic Summer

I hope summer is treating you well!

When I first encountered HeroicStories, well over a decade ago now (yikes! More like a decade and a half!), it spoke to me right away.

There’s no shortage of “bad” news to be had – heck, that’s what it means to be news, after all; something out of the ordinary. The problem, of course, is that fed a constant stream of bad, depressing or troubling news stories it’s all too easy to believe that the actions behind those stories are the norm.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Everyday people doing good things doesn’t become news because it’s too common to be “news worthy”.

And yet, given that innate bias in what it means to be “news”, it’s very easy to overlook all the good that happens every day, in every city, in every country on the planet.

That’s even more true today as the flow of new and “news-like” information competing for our attention has exploded on the internet.

Fortunately the internet also gives us a way to fight back.

Hence, HeroicStories. The antidote for for a skewed perspective of the world.

Share HeroicStories. Encourage others to subscribe and to pay attention to all that’s going right in the world.

There’s more of it than you think. Certainly more of it than you’ll find in “the news”.

Help make the world a better place by helping others realize that it’s already a better place than they realize. 🙂

On to this last month’s stories.


Someone Else’s Child

A positive twist to the Golden Rule.

Valerie Beaver says: What a great memory since Libertyland has since closed and dismantled. It is so very important to not only support teens of today, but encourage them in positive ways.

Lisa adds: What a powerful story and a lasting lesson! When we live in joy and with grateful loving hearts, we strengthen those wondrous people around us. The most inexplicable side effect is how we strengthen ourselves when we grin and show appreciation for the efforts of…anyone else’s child.

Grace comments: As the mother of a soon to enter the workforce teen I hope more people take this lesson to heart. I hate that there are so many that seem to enjoy putting these kids through the ringer and tell them they should be grateful because when they were their age etc… Maybe we realized we were wrong safety wise, morally, or whatever it may be there’s a reason why it isn’t done that way anymore.

Summer of Fire

Getting relief after a fire is very damaging to a proud spirit until a helpful supervisor steps in and restores dignity.

Annette N comments: At one time I worked as someone who assisted people when they had been affected by a disaster. I know that most of the time – what people need more than anything is to be heard. Everyone needs someone to listen to them, to be given the opportunity to vent and to be provided hope that there may be some help available. Isn’t that what we all need?

Kelly Boyd says: Rick, my friend, if you are still out there, I have a word for you. What you did is *beyond* words, because you had the insight and compassion that defused this entire situation. How different recent tragic events would have been if someone like yourself had DE-escalated instead of escalating. Fred may credit the ESS supervisor, but I credit you, the real hero of this story. God bless you.

The Survivor

A single mother in Alaska learns a positive lesson from an Auschwitz survivor.

Cheryl says: I’m so glad you accepted and applied her message. Good for you!

Fay Edwards adds: What an inspirational lady Dr. Edith is, great to be a survivor not a victim her ideology gives us all hope as we go forward a very uplifting story for us all today thank you for printing the story

Modern Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead when a young man helps a mother and her child with a flat tire.

Annette N says: I think that we do not always believe in our young people. In spite of what is shown in the media, the majority are nice people of whom we all should be proud.

JaneE shares: This story reminded me of another hero in the middle of Wyoming when I had a blow-out doing about 70 mph. I was in a big ole’ Thunderbird and was able to guide it to the median, where my hero came along, changed the tire and followed me to the next exit. They were few and far between and the spare was somewhat under inflated. They are still out there, those gentle people.

Life is Not a Desert

A lesson in positive thinking comes after a sandstorm in the middle of the desert.

Nan mace says: I am a subscriber to Heroic Stories for many years now. This story “Life is not a Desert” is one of the moving and well written stories I have had the pleasure to read. Thank you very much for sharing.

Just a Smile

A smile is an important gesture for opening up friendliness in a foreign land.

Cheryl comments: As an Adult Education practitioner, I believe that life offers many “Learning Moments”. I am so glad that you saw this one and took advantage of it.

The Voice in the Crowd

One voice cries out over a chorus of boos, turning a disastrous game into a favorite day.

Heather says: Paul, Yayyyyyy! You’re Dad knew you were awesome then & I’m telling you now. Thank you for sharing this.

Book Return

The Golden Egg comes back and teaches a lesson about honesty and integrity.

betty frank says: That learned and ingrained trait of Diane’s should be part of all of our lives. Since I am in my later 70s, I have been trying to send “thank you”s to some of the people who have touched my and my family’s life. Favorite teachers, employers who believed in my children and gave them a chance many years ago, my husband’s employer, for giving him steady employment for 32 years. etc. The good I feel doing this, is NOTHING compared to what the recipients feel, they tell me. Try it………..it will make your day, week,month,year much more fun and interesting and wonderful. If you are not sure what to say, just search your heart, and say “THANK YOU.”

Dave Freitas adds: The truly moral people are the ones like Diane that you can trust even in small things. In the grand scheme of things a children’s book might not matter much (unless you are the child of course) but I am sure that Diane is one of those people that everyone knows they can trust


See you again next month…

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