Spring into Summer… HeroicStories Publisher’s Notes for June

A variety of stories, both old and new, as we wrap up Spring time here in the northern hemisphere. And a big hello to everyone in the other half who are about to transition into Winter.

As I’ve mentioned before the most common class of questions I get for stories being republished on HeroicStories.org is “How are they now?” or “Then what happened?”. This month we have updates from at least two of our authors; check out The Pie and Going Out of Their Way, below.

Several of the stories we’ve published are of strangers helping in some way, where they then go on their way completely anonymously, or perhaps only partly identified. The taxi driver in A Mensch is a great example: he’s someone we would love to see thanked, and yet we have no way to do so. While we hope that somehow, some way, the message might make its way to him, it’s clear that many acts of kindness go unacknowledged every day, for a variety of reasons.

Has someone done something – even something small – for you recently? Let them know! Say Thank You! It can make all the difference.

It’s one small way you can help make the world a better place. 🙂


The Pie

Cooking for someone is about serving their needs, not your own.

Lori Ann Curley (the author) updates us: “Thank you so much for publishing my story again. To give a brief follow-up: my parents died 12 days apart in 2007, and at the wake, I eulogized my mother with this story. Now I am teaching my own son and this most important lesson about cooking.”

Eva Johnson says: “This mum should get a medal for her kind and loving service. I can’t imagine cooking for so many people and still making note of one individual who needed her extra touch. God loves people like her extra special in my opinion. Bless her giving heart.”

Sharon Miller adds: “What an amazing woman: diligence and excellence without sacrificing being observant and kind. And at the same time able to teach these to her daughter? Wow. I’ve been in the boy’s shoes, because of gluten, not sugar, and I know how healing it is to be included. Thank you for this simple yet powerful lesson in how to be a blessing to others, with food and beyond.

A Little More Time Together

The knack of doing something, because it just needs to be done, is a special gift.

Kelly Boyd comments: “Had to read this a few times to understand it, but well worth it. I have a friend living in S. America, and the rule about not trusting a stranger can save your life there. This is a rare person we can all emulate, and know that we truly ARE special when we succeed!”

Roy says: “To all who struggled reading this story: Please note that the author is most likely from Brazil and her English is limited (as noted in the story). Please keep that in mind when commenting. Having visited and lived in South America, I can attest to both the good and the bad that can happen when you encounter strangers. However, as in many large cities in the United States, more often than not the people are good or indifferent, not bad or evil.”

The Mark of a Champion

A chance meeting with a boxing champion reveals the power of deep, unbridled love.

Annette N comments: “Joe Louis was a powerful fighter who had a life filled with ups and downs. I think this is evidence of what a champion he was in life as well as in the boxing ring. Thanks for this story.”

Cheryl says: “I love the last two sentences – what a great observation!”

Connie adds: “Beautifully told story and a message for everyone. Thank you for giving of your time to put these messages for all to see.”

Tough on the Outside

A tough as nails uncle steps up to the plate every time helping his family through college.

Cathy Gill says: “What a wonderful man he was. Altho he had no children of is own, he was more than willing to help his nieces and nephews to accomplish their dreams thru providing money for college when the rest of the family wouldn’t. I have nothing but respect for him because he knew where he needed to put his money to do the most good. A good family man and there should be many more just like him. May he rest in peace.”

Will Siler adds: “That is one awesome uncle and the world needs more people like him. Beautiful story.”

In Awe of Kindness

Standing in a long line, in the rain, brings out the best in people.

Gary Taylor says: “I have lived in Oklahoma for 78 years and this story doesn’t surprise me at all. This is common around where I live. Don’t know if anyone knew she was a military wife or not, but we respect our military and they probably would have put her ahead sooner.”

elizabeth lewis observes: “Angels are everywhere and in different disguises.”

Going Out of Their Way

On a cold winter’s evening a nicely dressed couple help two youngsters stay warm while help arrives.

Fay Edwards says: “a passing friend in need One of those angel stories. The outcome could have been a couple who could have been extremely cold and miserable An older couple who saw a need and acted upon their instincts wonderful story and outcome”

Kellie (the author) updates us: “‘The outcome could have been a couple who could have been extremely cold and miserable’ Fay – You have it right. After my dad arrived it took us awhile to get the car home because we had to stop every few miles to dump water back into the radiator because it was just coming right back out the hose. And because the hose was one running to the heater core we were afraid that if we ran the heat it would pull more water through the hose and leak worse. It was so cold in the car that ice formed on the inside of the windows. My boyfriend and I were melting it with our bare hands so that I could see to drive. We would melt a spot and then move our hands and by the time we had a new spot melted the spot I had been seeing out of was iced up again and we started over. The other hero in this story is my dad who stayed with us the whole time and then when we finally made it home, turned around and drove my boyfriend another 45 minute round trip to the garage to pick up his car so that I could get a hot shower and warm up and my boyfriend would have his car so he could give me a ride to work the next day.”

A Mensch

Sometimes the finest specimen of a human being comes in the form of a taxi driver!

Jill says: “Great example of kindness and generosity! Thanks!!”

Brendan adds: “I certainly hope someone has found him and thanked him.”

Fay Edwards says: “we call this passing it forward Michael did a wonderful service to those 4 people ‘”doing unto others as you would like it done unto you ‘ thank you michael”

The Odd Beggar

Who is that odd looking beggar with the clean clothes and upbeat attitude?

Dave Freitas says: “Great story! This ‘odd beggar’ is a great inspiration to people of all faiths. What he practices is in fact what many faiths preach but many of the faithful to not in fact practice.”

Peter Wall adds: “An inspiring tale! My father-in-law, rest his soul, would often say ‘not all good people are found in church!’ This man could have spent his time inside the temple praying for whatever, but chose rather to be selflessly proactive about the situation of others. My belief is you will never find God in a church, only guidance on where you may find Him if you have an open mind! Thank you Leo for a great story.”

Michael comments: “Beautiful story, According to Jewish tradition, the Prophet Elijah still walks among us and only reveals himself to a few individuals, but when he does reveal himself he is often disguised as a common beggar.”


’till next month!


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