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On to the most recent stories….


The Kindness of the Road

A stranded motorcyclist is aided through the night by the kindness of the road – and then passes it forward.

John P. says: Great Story! I have been riding motorcycles since 1973 and have often found motorcyclists willing to help others, whether they are on a motorcycle or in a car. I truly feel that if more people would take the time to try to help others, the world would be a much better place in no time.

SherryD adds:¬†What a wonderful story. Bikers have always gotten bad raps and yeah, some deserved them, but I’ve found that most bikers go out of their way to help one another. They are actually more likely to stop and help a fellow rider than a driver is to stop when another car is broken down. God bless all our road angels, no matter what vehicle they are riding on.

Nigel¬†keeps it simple:¬†Wow…great story Michael!!

The Best Boss

A creative way to lay off an employee helps a young man create a lucrative career.

Just comments: Reminds us not to take the negative things to heart but to use the experience as a positive nudge

Charles H. Burk adds:¬†I also heard this as a “joke”. The fellow asked why he was given a raise then fired?¬†His boss replied, “Because it’s a better job that I want you should be out of!”

Way Beyond Babysitting

Watching his daughter care for some children in need gives a father a deep respect for his daughter.

SherryD comments:¬†What a wonderful story. We hear so much about teens that think only of themselves and wouldn’t dream of helping someone else. Reading about this wonderful young lady brought tears to my eyes and her parents should be proud, not only of her actions but also for the fact that they raised her right.

Steve contributes:¬†There are at least 2 heroes there, maybe 3. The daughter didn’t come upon that sort of empathy out of the blue. The parent(s), clearly, have done a excellent job in culture that doesn’t make that job easy.

Robert Meeks¬†adds:¬†Being a father myself, I’ll tell you, nothing would make me prouder than to see my children respond like little Missy. Much of the credit goes to you Dad and you Mom, for instilling great values in your children. Kudos! to you and Her!!! If only there were more parents like you. The world would be a much better place. It starts at home and spreads from there.

Nahla says:¬†I would like to have and raise a child like Missy in the future! When I was 14, all I did was play. I never did anything like that. She’s a treasure for sure. Bless her and her parents! And the family she helped too! ūüôā

Conquering Fear in Barcelona

A simple act of kindness in Barcelona gives an American student a lifetime of grateful memories.

Cheryl says: You never know whether the 7 euros meant a lot to her or not; either way, it was a classy and kind thing to do

Whoever Owns That Face

Beth looked down into the water and saw something that would haunt her forever…

Jim Lyles says:¬†I was the author of this particular story. I was off on a hike when this incident happened, so I heard about it second-hand from my mom when I got back from the hike. I shudder to think what would have happened if my sister had not seen that face and reacted so quickly. And I’m still proud to call Beth my sister.

Leo responds: Thanks for stopping in Jim! You know we love it when the authors comment. And VERY glad you and your sister are doing well.

Freedom From Fear

A kind word teaches that avoiding fears does not make the problem go away.

Barbara comments: Fear can seem like a concrete wall. With courage and help, it can be climbed.

Blind Justice

At a busy intersection a blind man drifts into the street and is rescued by an unlikely hero.

Annette N comments: There is so much good in the world and we seem to forget that. Thank you for this reminder.

Kaye says:¬†I’m betting that the “homeless” man said to the blind man, “My name is ***, I’m here every day, and if you need me, just call my name.”

The Good Scout

A group of boys show what it’s like to be a good gang, and stick up for a friend in need.

Dave Freitas¬†comments:¬†While I wasn’t a cub I am a former scout. These kids showed the true spirit of scouting.


Until next time,

Leo Notenboom
Publisher, HeroicStories