Shared Struggles and Attorneys with a Heart

Welcome to another round up of the last 4 weeks of HeroicStories.

This last month has seen a variety of stories, as the subject line implies, ranging from dedication and support through difficult times, to attorneys with hearts and integrity. I love the variety. ūüôā

As I mentioned last time, one of the most common requests is for updates to some of our older stories: “where are they now?”. They’re not often available, but we have a couple this time. Unfortunately, not all updates are the good news we like to see and share.

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On to this months stories…


It Was “Our” Disease

There is nothing like not having to go through it all alone.

Bob Juch:¬†Since it’s now 15 years after this story was first published I Googled and found Cher’s Facebook page. According to it her cancer didn’t come back but she apparently has some sort of lung disease. Her husband divorced here in Aug. 2011 and her daughter Jessica had stopped talking to her. She hasn’t posted since Sept. 2011.

Leo¬†adds:¬†Naturally we don’t know the full story, but yes, it appears that her life took some unpleasant and unexpected turns.¬†Let’s resolve not to let that detract from that beauty that is this story. A moment in time when hope and love provided support through a deeply difficult situation.¬†For that reason I don’t think I’ll be approving comments that focus outside of the story proper.

Cheryl¬†also adds:¬†Ken’s actions as reported in this story are heroic and worth honoring. I also appreciate the follow up, Bob. I always wonder what happens to people after the story. Our lives are journeys that have ups and downs, sunshine and darkness, and (in my opinion) the reminder of that helps us to keep perspective on our own lives and experiences, while still allowing us to celebrate the good that we have known and that Ken displayed here.

The Incompetent Boxboy

A teacher finds a way to help an impoverished divorced family with some extra food.

Willie Masters says:¬†I too had Mr. Sanderson as a teacher and he did the same for me. He lifted me up in many ways and even took the time to draw for me an awesome picture of the Incredible Hulk…a comic book character I loved much. When I went to Jr. High, I posted that picture in my locker and there it stayed until one day, bullies got into my locker, scattered my stuff on the floor and tore up the picture. As I was walking to my locker, I saw pieces of the picture on the floor that he drew for me and by the time I got to my locker, I was in disbelief and crying. That picture meant more to me than any of the comics. When I heard Mr. Sanderson had died, I cried again…for him…and for the picture that I wish I still had that reminded me of him. He was a wonderful teacher and someone who truly cared for me.

Dick Jenkin comments:¬†I’ve put off posting a comment to previous stories in this series, though many brought me close to tears. No excuse – just “too busy”, “not knowing what to say” etc… Yes – there are many good people in this world despite the heaps of bad things happening everywhere.

However, this story really brought tears and I was compelled to thank you for publishing this series and in particular this one. I have a deep Christian faith (belief) but always feel guilty for not putting into practice real Christianity – i.e. “Do unto others”, “Love one another” etc., other than just trying to be courteous and helpful in simple daily things. I should really do much more!

So thanks again, and may those who read future stories be moved to exercise true “Christianity” even if not (yet) Christians as such.

I’ll Take Half

Integrity after an injury inspires a lawyer to make the right choice in a settlement.

Robert says: It just goes to show there is an exception to every rule. An honest attorney would seem to be a oxymoron. But not in this case, not only the exception but an exceptional man.

Graham¬†adds:¬†I have know many compassionate, conscientious lawyers (as well as some who weren’t), and this man was clearly one of them.

Someone From Home

A friendly word in your own language can sometimes make all the difference.

Jodi (the original author) says:¬†This happened well over 40 years ago, and I doubt Bob ever saw Mr. C. again, so he probably never realized that Bob wasn’t actually from Holland. I didn’t include this in the story, but Bob had spent time in Holland, maybe in the military, but I don’t remember. All I remember is Mr. C. visibly perking up, and walking out with a spring in his step……..and Bob’s big heart.

Leo responds:¬†That’s awesome, Jodi. Thanks for the update. ūüôā

Jean Riseman says: I was 20, spending a year being an au-pair in Italy. I could talk to two year olds, do crossword puzzles, and even dream in Italian. And I was forgetting common English words!

I was not homesick for anything except my language. One day I went to the railroad station, saw an American soldier, and explained the situation to him. We spent an hour or so talking about his family and home town — guess he was homesick, too. We parted, both a little happier.


A young girl’s testimony shows the true meaning of courage.

Warren B Tuttle Sr wonders: I am not saying any thing negative towards your posting this story. I am just very curious. When I was able to compose myself and see again I started to wonder when(the year) this all happened, and how is the little girl doing now. I do not want to invade her privacy or bring up the terrible experience. I just would like to know if she is well and what she is doing with her life after this horrible experience. OH-Also 30 years was not nearly enough. He should have been castrated and sentenced to life for all the abuse he dealt.

Leo¬†responds:¬†I would love to know myself. As I mentioned in the last publisher’s notes “where are they now?” is perhaps the most common reaction to many HeroicStories. And, unfortunately, one that I am least equipped to answer. ūüôĀ More here: One Common Comment to HeroicStories

Cathy Gill¬†Comments:¬†How wonderful she was able to do that because it surely helped her to heal and to get to the point where she could forgive the abuser if only for her own mental health. There is so much damage done in abuse cases and my daughter was abused by her father, my ex husband. Everyone suffers thre such terrible actions and every one has to get to the point where they can say “I forgive you” if only for their own peace of mind. I can honestly say that I am almost there, but the hurt that lives on in our daughter makes it hard for me to actually say it. I pray to God that my oldest daughter can get there so we can cross the bridge together.

Alan H adds:¬†Having seen the results of that lifestyle in range victims, I would say this girl is an amazing example of resiliency. I pray that she was able to truly have a normal life after all that, a lot of the time it will haunt them. Doesn’t seen so in her case. . .

The Courage to Tell the Truth

A son’s courageous words brings peace to his dying mother.

Ann says:¬†Thank you for this. The timing couldn’t have been better. I am going next week to visit my parents, and we will be having the “inevitable” discussion. This story gives me courage.

Angel in the Playground

Memories from childhood inspire a lifetime of reaching out to those in need.

Joan comments: This was a big favor but sometimes the little ones are very important.

Marjie DeSouza says: Angel in the Playground is a wonderful story of kindness and generosity from a stranger towards another. It also shows us how easily we can each rise to the occasion when circumstances demand it of us. a simple moment in time out of our everyday lives, yet how we react to it, will leave an impact on both the giver and the receiver. Angels come to us in all disguises and we in our own way play our part in the forever unfolding amazing Universe.

A note to Heroic Stories. Keep up the good work! Keep the stories coming, there are always lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained. The World never stop moving. God Bless each and everyone!


We plan to, Marjie! We plan to!

Thanks again for subscribing. Enjoy, and keep sharing, HeroicStories.


Leo Notenboom, Publisher